Applications filed on or after 1 January 2002 

For applications filed on or after 1 January 2002, the following numbering system applies:

The application number consists of nine digits. The first two digits (from left to right) of the application number indicate the filing year. The last digit is a check digit. The remaining six digits in between are used for consecutively numbering the applications in the order in which they arrive at the place of filing, starting from the lowest number within a specific range of six-digit numbers. The specific range reflects the place of filing. Where applicable, the range is subdivided into two ranges in order to distinguish between paper and online filings.

For international applications designating "EP" (Euro-PCT applications), the dedicated range for the above-mentioned six-digit number within the application number uses "7", "8" or "9" as the third digit and does not reflect the place and method of filing.

A list of the number ranges introduced in 2002, along with, where appropriate, the corresponding places of filing, is published in OJ EPO 2001, 465.

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