Late filing of missing drawings or missing parts of the description – without invitation 

The applicant Applicants may also file missing parts of the description, or missing drawings, of his their own motion (without being invited to do so by the EPO) within two months of the date of filing. If the applicant does not file the missing parts within this period, all references to the missing parts are deemed to be deleted. However, if the applicant is invited by the EPO to file the missing parts, the period under Rule 56(1) takes precedence (see A‑II, 5.1).

If, within two months of the original date of filing, the applicant notices that he has applicants notice that they have neglected to include drawings and/or parts of the description in the application as originally filed, it is advisable to file these as soon as possible of his their own motion according to Rule 56(2), since if the EPO does not invite him them to file the missing parts, then any possibility for him them to file them later ends two months after the original date of filing.

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