Indication of the contracting states 

For European patent applications filed before 1 April 2009, the designation fees are deemed paid for all contracting states upon payment of seven times the amount of one designation fee. Such payment simply need be marked "Designation fees" in order for the purpose of the payment to be established.

If, on the other hand, the applicant intended to pay fewer than seven designation fees when filing the application, he should have indicated it was for that party to indicate the relevant contracting states in the appropriate Section of the request for grant form (EPO Form 1001, versions prior to April 2009). This helped to ensure that the designation fees paid were properly entered in the books. If designation fees are not paid within the basic time limit, a communication under Rule 112(1) is issued.

In response to the communication under Rule 112(1), the applicant may request further processing in respect of the lost designation(s). However, no Rule 112(1) communication will be sent and no further processing can be requested with regard to designations in respect of which the applicant waived these rights by crossing the appropriate box on the request for grant form or where the designation in question has been withdrawn.

For applicants taking part in the automatic debiting procedure, see also A‑X, 7.2.

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