If the applicant is not the inventor or is not the sole inventor, the Receiving Section must notify the inventor of the data contained in the document designating the inventor together with the data mentioned in Rule 19(3) relating to the application. It should be noted, however, that neither the applicant nor the inventor may invoke either the omission of this notification or any errors contained in it.

The inventor is notified at his the address as indicated by the applicant. If the notification is returned to the EPO because the inventor is not known at the address indicated or has moved to an unknown new address, the applicant is asked whether he knows the inventor's new address is known. If the applicant gives a new address, the inventor is notified at that address. Otherwise no further attempt at notification is made.

No notification is made where the inventor addresses to the EPO a written waiver of the notification under Rule 19(3) (see Notice of the EPO, OJ EPO 1991, 266). The waiver must be filed with the designation of inventor and, where not filed in the version provided by the EPO online filing software, contain the information to be supplied to the inventor by the EPO under Rule 19(3), i.e.:

the number and date of filing of the European patent application, if known; 
where the priority of an earlier application is claimed, the date and state of the earlier application, and its number, if known; 
the name of the applicant; 
the title of the invention; 
the contracting states designated; and 
the name(s) of any co-inventor(s). 

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