The request for grant must contain the title of the invention. A requirement of Rule 41(2)(b) is that the title must clearly and concisely state the technical designation of the invention and must exclude all fancy names. In this regard, the following should be taken into account:

personal names, fancy names, the word "patent" or similar terms of a non-technical nature which do not serve to identify the invention should not be used; 
the abbreviation "etc.", being vague, should not be used and should be replaced by an indication of what it is intended to cover; 
titles such as "Method", "Apparatus", "Chemical Compounds" alone or similar vague titles do not meet the requirement that the title must clearly state the technical designation of the invention; 
trade names and trademarks should also not be used; the Receiving Section, however, need only intervene when names are used which, according to common general knowledge, are trade names or trademarks. 

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