Conditions regarding the paper used 

In the case of paper filings, drawings must be on sheets of A4 paper (29.7 cm x 21 cm) which must be pliable, strong, white, smooth, matt and durable (recommended paper weight: 80-120 g/m2, see OJ EPO 1994, 74).

All sheets must be free from cracks, creases and folds. Only one side of the sheet may be used. The use of card is not allowed.

Each sheet must be reasonably free from erasures and must be free from alterations. Non-compliance with this rule may be authorised if the authenticity of the content is not in question and the requirements for good reproduction are not in jeopardy.

Any corrections made must be durable and permanent, so that they cannot give rise to any doubt. Special products for corrections, such as white masking fluid, may be used, provided they are indelible and comply with the other requirements under Rule 49(12).

The sheets must be connected in such a way that they can easily be turned over, separated and joined together again.

Permanent fastenings (for example, crimped eyelets) are not permitted. Only temporary fastenings (staples, paper clips and grips, etc.), which leave only slight marks in the margin, may be used.

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