Fees payable for procedural and other requests 

The fees necessary to be paid for procedural requests are due as provided for in the Implementing Regulations. These requests become effective by payment of the prescribed fee, which thus falls due on the date of filing of the request. This is the case, for example, for the fee for further processing (Art. 121, Rule 135(1), see also E‑VIII, 2) and the fee for re-establishment of rights (Art. 122, Rule 136(1), see also E‑VIII, 3). Similarly, the fees payable for other requests, such as the fee for the registration of transfers (Rule 22(2)) and the administrative fees laid down by the President of the EPO in accordance with Art. 3 RFees, for instance, for issuing a priority document (Rule 54) or a certificate for a European patent (Rule 74), fall due on the date of filing of the request.

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