Indication of the purpose of the payment in the case of designation fees 

The following applies only to applications filed before 1 April 2009.

The designation fees are deemed paid for all contracting states upon payment of seven times the amount of one designation fee. Such payments simply need to be marked "designation fees" in order for the purpose of the payment to be established. If fewer than seven designation fees are paid and the payment agrees with the declaration in the appropriate section of the request for grant form (EPO Form 1001), payment should once again simply be marked "designation fees". However, if the payment differs from the intended payment as stated in the request form, the contracting states for which the payment is now intended should be indicated with the payment.

If there is no such indication and the amount paid is insufficient to cover all the contracting states mentioned in the appropriate section of the request form, the procedure under A‑III, 11.3.7 applies.

If an automatic debit order has been issued (see the appropriate sections of EPO Form 1001), applicants must inform the EPO prior to expiry of the basic period under Rule 39(1) if they wish to pay designation fees for contracting states other than those indicated in the request form. If not, an amount equal to seven times the amount of one designation fee or the designation fees for the contracting states indicated in the request form is debited.

The same applies where EPO Form 1200 is used for entry into the European phase of a Euro-PCT application, if the application enters the regional phase before 1 April 2009.

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