Specific rules applicable to Euro-PCT applications 

Where a European application derives from an earlier international application, the applicant may have amended the international application in the international phase, either after receipt of the international search report (Art. 19(1) PCT) or during international preliminary examination (Art. 34(2)(b) PCT). The applicant may then specify that he wishes to enter the European phase with these or otherwise amended application documents (including claims) according to Rule 159(1)(b). Furthermore, the applicant is given the opportunity by the EPO to amend the application documents (including the claims) within a set time limit (Rule 161(2), see E‑IX, 3). The application as amended serves as the basis for any supplementary European search which has to be performed pursuant to Art. 153(7) (see B‑II, 4.3 and B‑XI, 2).

Where the claims of an international application on entry into the European (regional) phase are amended in such a way as to contravene Art. 123(2), the procedure explained in B‑VIII, 6, applies.

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