Making suggestions 

It must be emphasised that it is not part of the duty of an examinerthe search division to require the applicant to amend the application in a particular way to meet an objection, since the drafting of the application is the applicant's responsibility and he should be free to amend in any way he chooses provided that the amendment removes the deficiency and otherwise satisfies the requirements of the EPC. However, it may sometimes be useful if the examinersearch division suggests at least in general terms an acceptable form of amendment, but if heit does so heit should make it clear that the suggestion is merely for the assistance of the applicant and that other forms of amendment will be considered in examination proceedings. Although the examinersearch division is not obliged to do so, heit should try to indicate to the applicant those amendments which would overcome the objections raised, if there is a clear way out.

Responsibility for determining the text of the application and in particular for defining the subject-matter for which protection is sought remains with the applicant (Art. 113(2) EPC).

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