The search opinion in cases of a limitation of the search 

Any argumentation and objections presented in the search opinion must be consistent with limitations of the search and the reasons therefor. This applies to limitations for reasons of non-patentability (e.g. business methods – Art. 52(2)(c), see B‑VIII, 1), for reasons of severe deficiencies prejudicing a meaningful search (Rule 63, see B‑VIII, 3) or due to a contravention of Rule 43(2) (Rule 62a, see B‑VIII, 4). In these cases, the search opinion will also contain the information indicated in B‑VIII, 3.3 and 4.3.

Where claims are deemed abandoned by reason of non-payment of a claims fee (Rule 45 or Rule 162) and are consequently not searched, the search opinion will draw the applicant's attention to this fact.

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