Adaptation of the description 

If the amendments or corrections filed by the applicant in the Rule 71(3) period concern the claims, the applicant should consider whether this necessitates any adaptation of the description. In order to avoid potential delays in cases where adaptation is necessary, it is preferable for the applicant to provide an adapted description when filing amended claims in the Rule 71(3) period.

If no such adapted description is filed, the examining division may carry out the adaptation itself and propose these amendments to the description in the second Rule 71(3) communication (see C‑V, 4.6.3). Alternatively, it may resume examination (see C‑V, 4.7) and send a communication according to Art. 94(3) requesting the applicant to provide the adapted description before issuing a second Rule 71(3) communication (see C‑V, 4.7.2).

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