Standard marks for indicating amendments or corrections by the divisions

1.  Insertion of letters and words

Any insertion to the text made using the electronic tool is made in-line. No marks need to be put separately in the margins, top or bottom of the page.

In the produced PDF of the "working copy" of the "Druckexemplar", the tool will insert amendment bars to the right of amendments and indicate amended pages as such. The tool also adds a pair of insertion signs that mark the beginning and end of each in-line insertion:



Denotes the beginning of text inserted

Denotes the end of text inserted

"No break", "line break" or "paragraph break" signs precede and succeed the signs above to indicate whether the inserted text should be kept in the same line or a new line or a paragraph should start before or after the inserted text:



No breaks: inserted text is kept on the same line (this is the default)

Line break: starts a new line (must be set if needed)


Paragraph break: starts a new paragraph (must be set if needed)

In case of inserting an entire newly-filed page, e.g. a page numbered "1a", the construct [insert page 1a] is used.


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