Rejection of the request 


the requester does not respond in due time to the invitation under Rule 95(2) (see D‑X, 4.4, above); or
the requester he responds in due time, but the request is still not allowable; or
the requester he fails to pay the fee(s) and file the translation according to Rule 95(3) (see D‑X, 5, above),

then the examining division will reject the request (Art. 105b(2), last sentence and Rule 95(4)), provided the requirements of Art. 113(1) are met (see D‑X, 4.4).

The decision to reject the request will be notified in accordance with Art. 119 to the requester.

In case (ii), the decision is a reasoned decision taken by the examining division, and is subject to appeal.

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