Definitive content 

The abstract is initially supplied by the applicant. The search division has the task of determining its definitive content, which will normally be published with the application. In doing this, it considers the abstract in relation to the application as filed (see B‑X, 7(i)). If the search report is published later than the application, the abstract, published with the application will be the one resulting from the examination referred to in B‑X, 7(i), third sentence.

In determining the definitive content, the search division takes into consideration the purpose of the abstract (see F‑II, 2.1). that the abstract is merely for use as technical information and in particular cannot be used for the purpose of interpreting the scope of the protection sought. The abstract needs to be drafted so that it constitutes an efficient instrument for searching in the particular technical field and for evaluating if it is worth considering the whole content of the application.

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