F‑II, Examples of quotation for non-patent literature - Guidelines for Examination
Examples of quotation for non-patent literature 
For a monograph:  

WALTON Herrmann, Microwave Quantum Theory. London: Sweet and Maxwell, 1973, Vol. 2, pages 138 to 192.

For an article in a periodical:  

DROP, J.G. Integrated Circuit Personalization at the Module Level. IBM tech. dis. bull. October 1974, Vol. 17, No. 5, pages 1344 and 1345.

For a separately published abstract:  

Chem. abstr., Vol. 75, No. 20, 15 November 1971 (Columbus, Ohio, USA), page 16, column 1, abstract No. 120718k, SHETULOV, D.I. 'Surface Effects During Metal Fatigue,' Fiz.-Him. Meh. Mater. 1971, 7(29), 7-11 (Russ.).

Patent Abstracts of Japan, Vol. 15, No. 105 (M-1092), 13 March 1991, JP 30 02404 A (FUDO).

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