Annex 1
Checklist for considering the abstract (see F‑II, 2.5)

In the following checklist, the abstractor should, after having studied the disclosure to be abstracted, place a check in the second column after the applicable terms listed in the first column. The requirements listed in the third column corresponding to the checked items of the first column should be borne in mind by the abstractor when preparing the abstract. Finally, the abstractor may compare the finished abstract with the checked requirements and place a corresponding checkmark in the fourth column if satisfied that the requirements have been met.

If the invention is a(n)

Check here

The abstract should deal with:

If so,
check here



its identity, use;
construction, organization, method of manufacture


Chemical compound


its identity (structure if appropriate);
method of preparation, properties, uses




its nature, properties, use;
essential ingredients (identity, function);
proportion of ingredients, if significant; preparation


Machine, apparatus, system


its nature, use; construction, organization;


Process or operation


its nature and characterizing features; material and conditions employed; product, if significant;
nature of and relationship between the steps, if more than one


If the disclosure involves alternatives


the abstract should deal with the preferred alternative and identify the others if this can be done succinctly;
if this cannot be done, it should mention that they exist and whether they differ substantially from the preferred alternative



Total number of words less than 250: ….......

in range 50-150: ……....


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