Amendments in reply to the notice of opposition 

Any amendments made in opposition proceedings must be occasioned by the grounds for opposition specified in Art. 100. That is to say, amendments are admissible only if they are required in order to meet a ground for opposition. However, the ground for opposition does not actually have to have been invoked by the opponent. For example, in opposition proceedings admissibly opened on grounds of non-patentability, the patent proprietor can also submit amendments to remove added subject-matter. Opposition proceedings cannot be used merely to tidy up and improve the disclosure in the patent specification (see T 127/85). The mere addition of new claims to the claims as granted is inadmissible because such amendments cannot be said to meet a ground for opposition. However, the replacement of one independent claim as granted by multiple, e.g. two, independent claims each directed to a respective specific embodiment covered by the independent claim as granted is admissible if such a replacement is occasioned by a ground for opposition specified in Art. 100 (see T 223/97).

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