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Background art   F-II, 4.3

Format of background art citations   F‑II, 4.3.1

Basic principles   H-IV, 3.1

Basic principles of decisions   E‑X, 1

Consideration of time limits   E‑X, 1.2

Form and content   E‑X, 1.3


Basis for substantive examination   E‑IX, 4.3.2

Basis for the examination   D‑VI, 2.1, D‑X, 4.2

Adherence to the text of the European patent submitted or approved by the patent proprietor   D‑VI, 2.1

Substantive examination (limitation)   D‑X, 4.2

Basis for the search   B‑III, 3.1

Basis of the search opinion   B‑XI, 2

Applications containing claims filed after the accorded date of filing   B‑XI, 2.2

Applications containing missing parts of description and/or drawings filed under Rule 56 EPC or Rule 20 PCT   B‑XI, 2.1

Basis of this ground for opposition   D‑V, 6.1

Bibliographic elements   B-X, 9.1.1

Binding nature of decisions on appeals   E-X, 4

Biological material   A-III, 1.2, A-IV, 4.1, A-IV, 4.1.1, A-IV, 4.2, B-IV, 1.2, E-IX, 2.4.4, F-III, 6.1, F-III, 6.3, G-II, 5.2

Application was filed by reference to a previously filed application   A‑IV, 4.1.2

Applications relating to biological material   A‑IV, 4

Availability of deposited biological material to expert only   A‑IV, 4.3

Deposit of biological material   F‑III, 6.3

Inventions relating to biological material   F‑III, 6

New deposit of biological material   A‑IV, 4.1.1

Public availability of biological material   F‑III, 6.2

Requests for samples of biological material   A‑IV, 4.4

Biological processes   G-II, 5.4, G-II, 5.5.1

Essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals   G‑II, 5.4.2

Plant and animal varieties or essentially biological processes for the production of plants or animals   G‑II, 5.4

Biotechnological inventions   

Exclusions and exceptions for biotechnological inventions   G‑II, 5

Patentable biotechnological inventions   G‑II, 5.2

Boards of Appeal   

Accelerated processing before the boards of appeal   E‑VIII, 6

Members   A-XI, 2.3

Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal   E‑XII, 8

Bonus effect   G-VII, 10.2

Bringing the description into line with amended claims   H-V, 2.7

Broad claims   B-III, 3.6, F-IV, 4.22

Burden of proof   G-IV, 7.5.3

Burden of proof as regards the possibility of performing and repeating the invention   F‑III, 4

Burden of proof other "print equivalent" publications   G‑IV,

Non-traditional publications   G‑IV,

Technical journals   G‑IV,

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