This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Handwritten amendments in oral proceedings   E-III, 8.7

Procedure in examination proceedings   E‑III, 8.7.2

Procedure in opposition proceedings   E‑III, 8.7.3

Hatching   A-IX, 7.3.2


Hearing of parties   D-VI, 1

Hearing of parties, witnesses and experts   E‑IV, 1.6

Entitlement of parties to put questions at hearings   E‑IV, 1.6.7

Examination as to personal particulars   E‑IV, 1.6.5

Examination as to res gestae   E‑IV, 1.6.6

Guidance to persons heard   E‑IV, 1.6.3

Hearing of a witness no longer necessary   E‑IV, 1.6.8

Separate hearings   E‑IV, 1.6.4

Witnesses and experts not summoned   E‑IV, 1.6.2

Height of the numbers and letters in the drawings   A-IX, 7.5.3

Higher-ranking request not admissible and/or not allowable   C-V,

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