This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Keeping the model   E-IV, 1.11.3

Kinds of claim   F-IV, 3

Alternatives in a claim   F‑IV, 3.7

Arrangement of claims   F‑IV, 3.5

Categories   F‑IV, 3.1

Claims directed to computer-implemented inventions   F‑IV, 3.9

Independent and dependent claims   F‑IV, 3.4

Independent claims containing a reference to another claim or to features from a claim of another category   F‑IV, 3.8

Number of independent claims   F‑IV, 3.2

Objection under Rule 43(2) or Rule 137(5)   F‑IV, 3.3

Subject-matter of a dependent claim   F‑IV, 3.6

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