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Machine translations   G-IV, 4.1

Main and auxiliary requests   E-X, 2.9

Main and auxiliary requests filed with the appeal   E‑XII, 7.4.3

Maintenance of the European patent as amended   D-VIII, 1.4

Statement in the decision of the amended form of the European patent   D‑VIII, 1.4.2

Taking of a final decision   D‑VIII, 1.4.1

Making suggestions   B-XI, 3.8

Manner and order of presentation   F-II, 4.10

Markush grouping (alternatives in a single claim)   F-V, 3.2.5

Mathematical methods   G-II, 3.3

Artificial intelligence and machine learning   G‑II, 3.3.1

List of exclusions   G-II, 3.3

Simulation, design or modelling   G‑II, 3.3.2

Matter contrary to "ordre public" or morality   F-II, 7.2, G-II, 4.1

Economic effects   G‑II, 4.1.3

Offensive and non-offensive use   G‑II, 4.1.2

Prohibited matter   G‑II, 4.1.1

Matters of doubt in the state of the art   B-VI, 5.6

Matters to be determined by the division as regards prior use   G-IV, 7.2

Agreement on secrecy   G‑IV, 7.2.2

Example of the accessibility of objects used   G‑IV, 7.2.4

Example of the inaccessibility of a process   G‑IV, 7.2.5

Use on non-public property   G‑IV, 7.2.3

Matters to be determined by the division in cases of oral description   G-IV, 7.3.3

Meaning of opposition   D-I, 1

Means of evidence   E-IV, 1.2

Means of giving or taking evidence   E-IV, 3.2

Evidence taken by a competent court   E‑IV, 3.2.2

Taking of evidence on oath   E‑IV, 3.2.1

Mental acts   

Schemes, rules and methods for mental acts   G-II, 3.5.1

Schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts   G‑II, 3.5.1

Schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business   G‑II, 3.5

Merit of the request   E-VIII, 3.2

Method claim to product claim   H-V, 7.3

Method claim to use claim   H-V, 7.4

Method of notification   E-II, 2.2

Method of refund   A-X, 10.3

Refunds to a bank account   A‑X, 10.3.2

Refunds to a deposit account   A‑X, 10.3.1

Method of testing   G-III, 2

Methods for screening potential medicaments and clinical trials   G-II, 4.2.2

Methods for treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy and diagnostic methods practised on the human or animal body   B-VIII, 2.1

Methods of payment   A-X, 2

Microbiological processes   G-II, 5.2, G-II, 5.5, G-II, 5.5.1

Animal varieties   G-II, 5.5.1

Exclusions and exceptions for biotechnological inventions   G‑II, 5.5

Repeatability of results of microbiological processes   G‑II, 5.5.2

Minimum requirements for according a date of filing   A-II, 4.1

Date of filing   A‑II, 4.1.5

Deficiencies   A‑II, 4.1.4

Description   A‑II, 4.1.3

Indication that a European patent is sought   A‑II, 4.1.1

Information concerning the applicant   A‑II, 4.1.2

Minimum requirements for reasoning of lack of unity   F-V, 3.3.1


Minutes as the first communication in examination   C‑VII, 2.5

Minutes of a consultation   C‑VII, 2.4

Minutes of oral proceedings   E‑III, 10

Formal requirements   E‑III, 10.1

Language   E‑III, 10.2

Request for correction of minutes   E‑III, 10.4

Subject-matter of minutes   E‑III, 10.3

Minutes of taking of evidence   E‑IV, 1.7


Missing drawings or parts of the description filed under Rule 56   C‑III, 1.1.1

Missing information   A‑IV, 4.2

Missing parts based on the priority application, no change in filing date   A‑II, 5.4

Copy of the priority application   A‑II, 5.4.3

Late-filed missing parts when priority is claimed   A‑II, 5.4.1

Missing parts are completely contained in the priority application   A‑II, 5.4.2

Translation of the priority application   A‑II, 5.4.4

Missing parts of description and missing drawings filed as corrections under Rule 139   H‑VI, 2.2.2

Missing parts of the description or missing drawings filed after the date of filing   H‑IV, 2.2.2

Missing parts or elements   C‑III, 1

Erroneous elements filed under Rule 20.5bis PCT   C‑III, 1.3

Euro-PCT applications   C‑III, 1.2, C‑III, 1.3

European applications   C‑III, 1.1

Missing elements and parts filed under Rule 20.5 and 20.6 PCT   C‑III, 1.2

Models   E-IV, 1.11

Keeping the model   E‑IV, 1.11.3

Procedure   E‑IV, 1.11.2

When may models be submitted?   E‑IV, 1.11.1

Morality   A-III, 8.1, G-II, 4.1, G-II, 4.1.1

Matter contrary to "ordre public" or morality   F‑II, 7.2, G‑II, 4.1

Morality or "ordre public"   A‑III, 8.1

More than one independent claim per category (Rule 62a)   B-VIII, 4

Applications to which Rule 62a applies which also lack unity   B‑VIII, 4.5

Cases under Rule 62a where claims fees are not paid   B‑VIII, 4.4

Content of the extended European search report (EESR)   B‑VIII, 4.3

Invitation to indicate which independent claim to search   B‑VIII, 4.1

Reply to the invitation under Rule 62a(1)   B‑VIII, 4.2

Treatment of dependent claims under Rule 62a   B‑VIII, 4.6

Multiple priorities   A-III, 6.3

Multiple priorities and partial priorities   F‑VI, 1.5

Multiple priorities claimed for different inventions in the application with an intermediate publication of one of the inventions   F‑VI, 2.4.3

Multiple requests   D-X, 11

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