This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.


National earlier rights   B‑VI, 4.2

National patent (Access to EPO documentation for the ~ offices)    B‑IX, 5

National patent application (Information concerning ~)    C-III, 6

National register   A‑III, 12.5

Negative limitations (e.g. disclaimers)   F-IV, 4.19

Neither main nor auxiliary requests allowable   H-III, 3.1.3


New deposit of biological material   A‑IV, 4.1.1

New facts and evidence   E‑VI, 2.2.1

New submissions in reply to summons   C‑IV, 8

No deferred payment of fees, no legal aid, no discretion   A-X, 8

No meaningful search possible   B-VIII, 3

Applications to which Rule 63 applies which also lack unity   B‑VIII, 3.4

Content of the extended European search report (EESR)   B‑VIII, 3.3

Invitation to indicate subject-matter for search   B‑VIII, 3.1

Reply to the invitation under Rule 63(1)   B‑VIII, 3.2

Non-entitlement to right to priority   A-III, 6.9

Non-functional modification   G-VII, 10.1

Non-patent literature arranged for library-type access   B-IX, 4

Composition   B‑IX, 4.1

Non-patent literature arranged for systematic access   B-IX, 3

Periodicals, records, reports, books, etc.   B‑IX, 3.1

Non-patentability pursuant to Art. 52 to 57   D-V, 3

Non-prejudicial disclosure   B-VI, 5.5, G-V

Evident abuse   G‑V, 3

International exhibition   G‑V, 4

Time limit   G‑V, 2

Non-prejudicial oral description   G-IV, 7.3.2

Non-traditional publications   G-IV,

Non-unity and prior art under Art. 54(3)   F-V, 3.1

Notices of opposition filed by fax   D-III, 3.3

Notices of opposition filed electronically   D-III, 3.2

Notification   A-III, 6.11, A-IV, 4.2, E-II, 2, E-II, 2.1, E-II, 2.5, E-III, 6, E-VIII, 1.9.2, E-X, 6

Claim to priority   A‑III, 6.11

Communications and notifications   E‑II, 2

Communications and notifications   E‑II

Decisions   E‑X, 6

Electronic notification   E‑II, 2.4

Irregularities in the notification   E‑II, 2.6

Loss of rights   E-VIII, 1.9.2

Method of notification   E‑II, 2.2

Notification by postal services   E‑II, 2.3

Notification to representatives   E‑II, 2.5

Notifications to and observations by the patent proprietor   D‑IV, 1.5

Oral proceedings   E-III, 6

Noting and communication of loss of rights   E-VIII, 1.9.2

Noting of loss of rights   A-X, 6.2.6

Novelty   G-VI

Documents defining the state of the art and not prejudicing novelty or inventive step   B‑X, 9.2.2

Enabling disclosure of a prior-art document   G‑VI, 4

Examination of novelty   G‑VI, 7

Generic disclosure and specific examples   G‑VI, 5

Implicit disclosure and parameters   G‑VI, 6

Implicit features or well-known equivalents   G‑VI, 2

Novelty of an invention   F‑IV, 4.22, G‑IV, 1

Novelty of "reach-through" claims   G‑VI, 9

Relevant date of a prior-art document   G‑VI, 3

Selection inventions   G‑VI, 8

State of the art pursuant to Art. 54(2)   G‑VI, 1


Number of communications   E‑II, 1.2

Number of copies   A‑VIII, 2.4

Number of independent claims   F‑IV, 3.2

Numbering of figures   A‑IX, 5.2

Numbering of sheets of drawings   A‑IX, 4.2

Numbers, letters and reference signs   A‑IX, 7.5

Arrows   A‑IX, 7.5.2

Consistent use of reference signs as between description, claims and drawings   A‑IX, 7.5.4

Consistent use of reference signs as between drawings   A‑IX, 7.5.5

Height of the numbers and letters in the drawings   A‑IX, 7.5.3

Leading lines   A‑IX, 7.5.1

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