This alphabetical keyword index is not exhaustive.

Unexpected technical effect   G-VII, 10.2


Units recognised in international practice and complying with Rule 49(10)   F‑II, An. 2

Compound units   F‑II, An. 2, 5

SI units and their decimal multiples and submultiples   F‑II, An. 2, 1

Units and names of units permitted in specialised fields only   F‑II, An. 2, 4

Units used with the SI, and whose values in SI are obtained experimentally   F‑II, An. 2, 3

Units which are defined on the basis of SI units but are not decimal multiples or submultiples thereof   F‑II, An. 2, 2


Unity in relation to the search opinion   B‑XI, 5

Unity of invention   B-II, 4.2, B-III, 3.12, B‑VII, B-VII, 1.1, B-VIII, 3.4, B-VIII, 4.5, C‑III, 3, C-III, 3.1, C-III, 3.1.1, C-IX, 1.2, D-V, 2.2, F-IV, 3.2, F-IV, 3.3, F-IV, 3.7, F‑V, F-V, 1, F-V, 2, F-V, 2.1, F-V, 3.2.1, G-VI, 7.1

Amended claims   F‑V, 6

Assessment of unity   F‑V, 3

Changing from one searched invention to another   C‑III, 3.4

Divisional applications   C-IX, 1.2

Euro-PCT applications   F‑V, 7

European patent application   F‑V, F-V, 1

European search report   B-VII, 1.1

Examination of novelty   G-VI, 7.1

Excision of other inventions   C‑III, 3.2

Extent of the examination   D-V, 2.2

Filing divisional applications   C‑III, 3.2

First stage of examination   C‑III, 3

IPC classification in cases of a lack of unity of invention   B‑V, 3.3

Kinds of claim   F-IV, 3.2, F-IV, 3.3, F-IV, 3.7

Lack of unity and Rule 62a or Rule 63   B‑VII, 3

Limitation to searched invention   C‑III, 3.1

No meaningful search possible   B-VIII, 3.4

Procedure in the case of lack of unity during search   F‑V, 4

Procedure in the case of lack of unity during substantive examination   F‑V, 5

Procedures in cases of lack of unity   B‑VII, 2

Refund of additional search fees   C‑III, 3.3

Relation to unity in search   C‑III, 3.1

Requirement of unity of invention   F‑V, 2

Search report   B-II, 4.2

Subject of the search   B-III, 3.12

Unity of the European patent   D‑VII, 3

Factors affecting the unity of the European patent   D‑VII, 3.2

Unpublished patent applications   B-IX, 2.2

Unusual parameters   F-IV, 4.11.1

Usable surface area of sheets   A-IX, 4.1


Use claims   F‑IV, 4.16

Use of an official language   E‑V, 1

Use of computer-generated slideshows in oral proceedings   E‑III, 8.5.1

Examination proceedings (ex parte)   E‑III,

Opposition proceedings (inter partes)   E‑III,

Use of email   C‑VII, 3

Confidentiality   C‑VII, 3.2

Inclusion in the file of any email exchange   C‑VII, 3.3

Initiation of exchanges by email   C‑VII, 3.1

Use of laptops or other electronic devices during either ex parte or inter partes oral proceedings   E‑III, 8.2.1

Use of "P" and "E" documents in the search opinion   B‑XI, 4.1

Use of Rule 137(4) for amendments filed during oral proceedings in examination   E‑III, 8.8

Use of the description and/or drawings to establish definitions of clear terms given a definition different from their usual meaning   B‑III, 3.2.4

Use of the description and/or drawings to establish definitions of unclear terms not defined in the claims   B‑III, 3.2.3

Use of the description and/or drawings to identify the technical problem   B‑III, 3.2.2

Use on non-public property   G‑IV, 7.2.3

User interfaces   G-II, 3.7.1

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