Reformulation of the subject of the search 

The examinersearch division should continuously evaluate the results of hisits search, and if necessary reformulate the subject of the search accordingly. For example, the selection of the classification units to be searched or the order of searching them may also require alteration during the search as a consequence of intermediate results obtained. The examinersearch division should also use hisits judgement, taking into account results obtained, in deciding at any time during the systematic search whether heit should approach the search documentation in some different manner, e.g. by consulting:

documents cited in relevant documents produced by the search, for example cited in the description or search report of a patent document; or 
documents citing a relevant document produced by the search, 

or whether heit should turn to documentation outside that which is available to the search divisions in-house (see B‑IX). When searching external document collections for material in relation to unpublished subject-matter using other than secure connections, like the Internet, the examinersearch division should be extremely careful when formulating search strategies so as not to unwittingly reveal confidential material – i.e. any part of the unpublished patent application (see B‑III, 2.4).

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