Generally, telephone consultations are preferred over interviews due to the difference in location and the time needed. If the applicant considers that an interview would be more appropriate, he should provide reasons.

An interview may be appropriate if, for example, the applicant is visiting the EPO for some other reason and would like to take the opportunity to discuss the application personally with the examiner without incurring further travel costs. This particularly applies where:

the representative is accompanied by an applicant or inventor 
the applicant would like to clarify certain technical details, e.g. by demonstrating a particular device or showing a presentation which cannot be included in a written response. 

In such a case, an appointment must be arranged beforehand, preferably following the procedure set out in C‑VII, 2.1.

The examiner decides whether an interview is appropriate. Depending on the objections on file and the time frame, he may suggest that holding oral proceedings would appear more appropriate (see E‑III, 2). This is in particular the case where a negative decision is likely.

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