Conduct of an interview or telephone conversation 

The interview will normally be conducted solely by the examiner dealing with the application. It is not a formal procedure (for formal oral proceedings before the examining division, see E‑III), and the character of the minutes of the interview depends upon the nature of the matters under discussion (see C‑VII, 2.5). It should always be made clear to the applicant that any agreement reached must ultimately be subject to the views of the other members of the examining division.

If a fresh objection of substance is raised at an interview and no amendment to meet it is agreed at the time, the objection must be confirmed by a communication of the minutes thereof, giving the applicant a fresh period within which to reply.

When the telephone is used to settle outstanding matters, the normal procedure should be for the examiner to telephone the applicant stating the number of the application he wishes to discuss and requesting the applicant to telephone back at a specified time. A note must be made in the minutes, giving particulars and identifying the matters discussed and any agreements reached. Any matters on which agreement was not reached should also be noted and the arguments adduced by the applicant should be summarised.

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