Figure accompanying the abstract 

The examiner search division should consider considers not only the text of the abstract but also the selection of the figures for publication with it. It alters He should alter the text to the extent that this may be necessary in order to meet the requirements set out in F‑II, 2.3. The search division He will select a different figure, or figures, of the drawings if it he considers that they better characterise the inventions.

The examiner search division may prevent the publication of any drawing with the abstract, where none of the drawings present in the application is useful for the understanding of the abstract. This can be done even when the applicant has requested that a particular drawing or drawings be published with the abstract according to Rule 47(4).

In determining the content of the abstract, the examiner search division should concentrate concentrates on conciseness and clarity, and refrainrefrains from introducing alterations merely for the purpose of embellishing the language (see B‑X, 7).

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