General statements, "spirit of invention", claim-like clauses

General statements in the description which imply that the extent of protection may be expanded in some vague and not precisely defined way are not allowed should be objected to. In particular, objection should be raised to any statement which refers to the extent of protection being expanded to cover the "spirit of the invention" or "all equivalents" of the claims must be deleted.

Only statements that refer to the extent of protection covering the "scope of the claims" may be allowed.

AnalogouslyObjection should likewise be raised, in the case where the claims are directed to a combination of features, to any statement that, which seems to imply that protection is nevertheless sought not only for the combination as a whole but also for individual features or sub-combinations thereof must be deleted.

Finally claim-like clauses appended at the end of the description must also be deleted prior to grant, since they otherwise may lead to unclarity as to the actual scope of protection.

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