Filing of applications by delivery by hand or by post

An international application may be filed by delivery by hand or by post with one of the EPO's filing offices in Munich, The Hague or Berlin. All EPO filing offices are based in the Central European Time (CET) zone. For further details, see GL/EPO A-II, 1.1.

The date of filing accorded to an application delivered by hand or by post is the date of handing over or receipt respectively at an EPO filing office, provided that the requirements under Art. 11 are fulfilled (see GL/PCT-EPO A-II, 4.1).

If a filing sent by post is lost or delayed, the EPO accepts evidence of posting only if the document was sent via a postal authority or one of the following generally recognised postal service providers: Chronopost, DHL, Federal Express, flexpress, TNT, SkyNet, UPS or Transworld. As evidence, confirmation of registration by the post office or confirmation of receipt by the postal service provider must be provided at the EPO's request. Rule 82 does not apply to the priority period.

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