Minimum requirements for according an international filing date

The international filing date of an international application is the date on which it is received at one of the EPO's filing offices, or at a national authority in an EPC contracting state (see GL/PCT-EPO A-II, 3.2), provided that the following minimum requirements are fulfilled at the time of receipt:

Art. 11
GL/RO 39-44

The applicant is a resident or national of an EPC contracting state.
The application (description and claim(s)) is in English, French or German.
The application contains at least the following elements:
an indication that it is intended as an international application (this indication is in the header of the request form, PCT/RO/101)
a request which constitutes the designation of a state bound by the PCT on the international filing date (filing the request form, PCT/RO/101, automatically designates all PCT contracting states)
the name of the applicant
a part which on the face of it appears to be a description
a part which on the face of it appears to be a claim or claims

If these requirements have been fulfilled, the purported international application will be accorded its actual date of receipt as the international filing date; the applicant will be notified accordingly (Form PCT/RO/105).

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