Amounts of fees 

The latest information about amounts can be found on both the EPO website (epo.org, under Applying for a patent → Fees → International (PCT) fees → Fees for international applications) and the WIPO website (wipo.int, under IP Services → PCT – The International Patent System → PCT Fee Tables).

In addition, the amounts of the fees to be paid to the EPO can be found in the EPO's Schedule of fees and expenses published in the Official Journal and accessible via the EPO website (epo.org, under Law & practice → Legal texts → Official Journal).

The amount of fees to be paid for the benefit of the IB is fixed in Swiss francs and is specified in the Schedule of Fees which is annexed to the PCT Regulations (PCT Schedule of Fees) and forms an integral part thereof. If these fees are paid to the EPO, they must be paid in euros. Due to changes in the exchange rate between the euro and the Swiss franc, the equivalent amount is changed from time to time. Current fee rates are published in the PCT Newsletter, in WIPO's Official Notices (PCT Gazette) and in the EPO's Official Journal.

Rule 96.1
PCT Schedule of Fees

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