Reductions for applicants from certain states 

The international filing fee is reduced by 90% if the requirements stipulated in point 5 of the PCT Schedule of Fees are met.

Point 5 PCT Schedule of Fees

For filings at the RO/EP, the reduction applies only if the applicant is a natural person who is a national of and resides in an EPC contracting state complying with the criteria under point 5(a) PCT Schedule of Fees (an updated list can be found in the Euro-PCT Guide, point 2.25.019 2.24.015).

If the application is filed with the RO/EP by more than one applicant, only one of them needs to be a national and resident of one of the EPC contracting states in question, but each applicant must fulfil the criteria mentioned under point 5 of the PCT Schedule of Fees.

The 90% reduction is calculated after deduction of the electronic filing reduction, if applicable (see GL/PCT‑EPO A‑III, 8.1.1).

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