Combination of SIS and Chapter II

If the ISA was one of the European International Searching Authorities (SE, ES, AT, FI, TR, NPI (XN) or VPI (XV)) the applicant can file a demand under Chapter II with the EPO and additionally a request for SIS by the EPO.

For such a file the examiner will first establish the SISR with Scope Annex and then continue with Chapter II.

Under Chapter II, a WO-IPEA (Form 408) will be sent to the applicant if there are objections, since the WO‑ISA from another office is not recognised as a WO-IPEA (unlike an EPO WO‑ISA) and the Scope Annex does not legally qualify as a WO-IPEA (see GL/PCT‑EPO C‑IV, 2.1).

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