Annex I: EPC-PCT concordance table 







Art. 52(2) EPC

Rule 39.1 PCT,
Rule 67.1 PCT


Art. 52(3) EPC Art. 52(4) EPC

Rule 39.1 PCT,
Rule 67.1 PCT


Art. 53(a) EPC

Rule 9.1(i) PCT,
Rule 9.1(ii) PCT


Art. 53(b) EPC

Rule 39.1(ii) PCT,
Rule 67.1(ii) PCT


Art. 53(c) EPC

Rule 39.1 PCT,
Rule 67.1 PCT


Art. 54(1) EPC

Art. 33(2) PCT


Art. 54(2) EPC

Rule 64.2 PCT (prior use), Rule 33.1(a), (b) and (c) PCT

prior use, except that there is no provision for purely oral disclosure

Art. 54(3) EPC

Rule 64.3 PCT,
Rule 70.10 PCT

intermediate/conflicting documents

Art. 55 EPC

Art. 27(5) PCT,
Art. 27(6) PCT, Rule 4.17(v) PCT, Rule 51bis.1(a)(v) PCT


Art. 56 EPC

Art. 33(3) PCT


Art. 57 EPC

Art. 33(4) PCT


Art. 67(1) EPC

Art. 29(1) PCT


Art. 67(2) EPC

Art. 29(1) PCT


Art. 67(3) EPC

Art. 29(2) PCT


Art. 69 EPC

Art. 29(1) PCT,
Art. 29(2) PCT


Art. 76 EPC

No equivalent


Art. 82 EPC

Rule 13.1 PCT


Art. 83 EPC

Art. 5 PCT


Art. 84 EPC

Art. 6 PCT


Art. 87 EPC

Art. 8 PCT


Art. 88 EPC

Art. 8 PCT


Art. 89 EPC

Rule 64.1(b) PCT


Art. 122(1) EPC

Rule 26bis.3 PCT,
Rule 49ter.2 PCT


Art. 123(2) EPC

Art. 19(2) PCT, Art. 34(2)(b) PCT


Art. 128(1) EPC

Art. 30 PCT

unpublished applications not available for inspection

Art. 128(4) EPC

Rule 94 PCT

designated and elected Offices may allow access to files of international applications (EPO as elected Office allows access to preliminary examination files after completion of the IPER, OJ EPO 2003, 382)

No equivalent

Art. 28(1) PCT,
Art. 41(1) PCT








Rule 30 EPC

Rule 13bis PCT


Rule 31 EPC

Rule 13bis PCT


Rule 32 EPC

Rule 13bis PCT


Rule 33 EPC

Rule 13bis PCT


Rule 34 EPC

Rule 13bis PCT


Rule 42(1) EPC

Rule 5.1(a) PCT


Rule 42(2) EPC

Rule 5.1(b) PCT


Rule 43(1) EPC

Rule 6.3(a) PCT


Rule 43(1)(a) EPC

Rule 6.3(b)(i) PCT


Rule 43(1)(b) EPC

Rule 6.3(b)(ii) PCT


Rule 43(4) EPC

Rule 6.4(a) (part), (b) and (c) PCT


Rule 43(5) EPC

Rule 6.1(a) PCT,
Rule 6.1(b) PCT


Rule 43(6) EPC

Rule 6.2(a) PCT


Rule 43(7) EPC

Rule 6.2(b) PCT


Rule 44(1) EPC

Rule 13.2 PCT


Rule 44(2) EPC

Rule 13.3 PCT


Rule 46 EPC

Rule 11.6(c) PCT,
Rule 11.11 PCT,
Rule 11.13 PCT


Rule 46(2)(i) EPC

Rule 11.13(l) and (m) PCT


Rule 46(2)(j) EPC

Rule 11.11 PCT


Rule 48 EPC

Rule 9.1(i) - (iv) PCT


Rule 49(9) EPC

Rule 11.10 PCT


Rule 49(10) EPC

Rule 10.1(a), (b), (d) and (e) PCT


Rule 49(11) EPC

Rule 10.2 PCT


Rule 134(5) EPC

Rule 82quater PCT


Rule 136 EPC

Rule 26bis.3 PCT,
Rule 49ter.2 PCT


Rule 137(2) EPC

Art. 19(1) PCT, Art. 34(2)(b) PCT, Rule 66.4 PCT


Rule 137(3) EPC

Art. 34(2)(b) PCT, Rule 66.3(a) PCT, Rule 66.4 PCT, Rule 66.4bis PCT


No equivalent

Art. 7(2)(ii) PCT,
Rule 7 PCT


No equivalent

Rule 65.1 PCT

derives from practice

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