Indication of amendments and their basis  

The applicant is obliged to indicate the basis in the application as originally filed for any amendments filed. If no such basis is indicated, the IPER may be established as if the amendments had not been made. This is indicated in the IPER under Section I.

If a further WO-IPEA (Form 408) is sent (with respect for the principles set out in GL/PCT‑EPO C‑IV, 2.2), there should be a similar indication in the WO-IPEA as to which amendments could not be taken into account. Further, the applicant may also be reminded in this WO-IPEA to specify the basis for the amendments which may be filed in reply to the WO-IPEA. However, a WO-IPEA whose only content would be a request to indicate the basis for such amendments will not be sent; instead, the IPER is established directly.


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