Contracting state

San Marino


Provisional protection under Art. 67 EPC


Yes (Art. 67 EPC)

Art. 4(2) Decree Law No. 76/2009, as modified by art. 31, Law No. 219 of 23 december 2014


Rights conferred


Rights identical to those conferred by a national patent (cessation of infringement, redress in respect of its conse­quences, surrender of unlawfully obtained profits and compensation for damages)

Art. 118, 121 PA


Translation of the claims necessary pursuant to Art. 67(3) EPC?




When does the right referred to in section 1 arise if a translation pursuant to Art. 67(3) EPC is necessary?


When the translation of the claims is communicated to the user or when the translation of the claims is made available to the public in accordance with table III.B, section 5

Art. 4(2) Decree Law No. 76/2009 as modified by Art. 31 Law No. 219/2014

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