Contracting state

United Kingdom


Must a national professional representative be appointed?



The authorised profes­sional representative before the EPO is not required to file a new authorisation (see also section 7).

R. 103 PR


(a) Special fee payable?

(b) If so, when due?


(a) No

(b) n/a

Schedule 1 to PFR


Language(s) in which the translation must be filed



Sect. 78(7) PA


(a) Must a form be used?

(b) No. of copies to be filed


(a) Yes, Form 54 in duplicate

(b) 2

R. 56 PR


Manner and form in which the translation is made available to the public


Display in Science Reference and Information Service, London

Copies available from the IPO

Mention in the "Patents Journal"

Entry in the patent register

Sect. 78(7) PA
R. 51 PR


Correction of translation

(a) permitted?

(b) Special fee payable?


(a) Yes

(i) Form 54 (corrections under Sect. 80(3); R. 56 and R. 57) in duplicate

(ii) In writing (corrections under Sect. 117; R. 105)

(b) No

Sect. 80(3), 117 PA
R. 57, 105 PR
Schedule 1 to PFR


Special features


An address for service in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar or Channel Islands should be given when filing the translation, or for other proceedings.

For further information, contact the International Filings Unit: Tel. +44 1633 814875

R. 103 PR

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