Contracting state



Contracting state to the London Agree­ment on the application of Art. 65 EPC?




Translation requirements


A translation of the patent specification into Bulgarian must be supplied under the conditions provided for in Art. 65(1) EPC.

Art. 72c(1) PL


Must a national professional representative be appointed?



Applicants who are not established in the Republic of Bulgaria or in another Member State of the European Union, in a state - party to the European Economic Area Agreement or in the Swiss Confederation, are required to act before the Patent Office through a lawyer or an industrial property representative

Art. 3(2) PL


Period for filing the translation


3 months after the date on which the mention of grant is published in the European Patent Bulletin the patentee must file request for validation accompanied by translation of the granted EP.

Art. 72c(1) PL


(a) Special fee payable?

(b) If so, when due?


(a) Publication of the mention of the translation: BGN 45 ;

Fee for publishing the translation: BGN 80 plus BGN 10 for each page of the translation (including any drawings) in excess of 10

(b) Within period pursuant to section 4

Art. 72c(1) PL


(a) Must a form be used?

(b) No. of copies to be filed


(a) No

(b) 1

Art. 72c(1) PL


Manner and form in which the translation is made available to the public


Mention of the filing of the translation in the Official Bulletin

Publication of the translation of the European patent in the Bulgarian language in the Register of European Patents under Art. 72i

Art. 72c(4) PL


Correction of translation

(a) permitted?

(b) Special fee payable?


(a) Yes

(b) Fee for publication of the mention of the correction of the translation and for re-publishing the translation itself, see section 5(a)

Art. 72d(3) PL


Special features


The translation of the European patent must comprise:

- the title of the invention

- the description

- drawings, if any

- the patent claims.

The translation must be accompanied by:

- data identifying the proprietor of the patent,

- the number of the European patent application,

- the publication number of the European patent,

- the number and date of the European Patent Bulletin in which the mention of the grant of the patent was published.

Art. 72c(2), (3) PL

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