Contracting state



Contracting state to the London Agree­ment on the application of Art. 65 EPC?



No official language in common with one of the official languages of the EPO.


Translation requirements


A translation of the claims into Slovene must be supplied under the conditions provided for in Art. 65(1) EPC.

Art. 1(3) London Agreement
Art. 27(2) IPA


Must a national professional representative be appointed?


No (provided an address for correspondence in Slovenia is given).

For other requests or acts before SIPO, an authorised professional representative, registered at the SIPO, is mandatory.

Art. 129 IPA


Period for filing the translation


3 months after the date on which the mention of the grant, maintenance in amended form or limitation of the European patent is published in the European Patent Bulletin.

Art. 27(2) IPA


(a) Special fee payable?

(b) If so, when due?


(a) EUR 100 (Publication fee)

(b) Within period pursuant to section 4

Art. 1(1.4.1) Fees Decr.


(a) Must a form be used?

(b) No. of copies to be filed


(a) No, but recommended

(b) 2

Art. 2, 9 PR


Manner and form in which the translation is made available to the public


Translation and any corrections published at the Slovenian Patent Documents Server

Mention in official bulletin (BIL)

Inspection of files and inspection in library

Art. 27(5) IPA


Correction of translation

(a) permitted?

(b) Special fee payable?


(a) Yes

(b) EUR 60 (fee for any subsequent publication of the translation) to be paid within the period pursuant to section 4 (see also section 9).

Art. 27(2), 28(2) IPA
Art. 1(1.4.2) Fees Decr.


Special features


The publication fee is deemed to have been paid only when proof of payment has been duly provided.

Correction of translation has legal effect from the date of publication by SIPO.

Art. 28(2) IPA

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