Contracting state



Contracting state to the London Agree­ment on the application of Art. 65 EPC?




Translation requirements


A translation of the patent specification into Turkish must be supplied under the conditions provided for in Art. 65(1) EPC.


Must a national professional representative be appointed?


Yes; applicants with neither residence nor principal place of business in Turkey must appoint an authorised professional represen­tative.

R. 12 RegEPC


Period for filing the translation


(i) 3 months after the date on which the mention of the grant or the decision to main­tain the patent as amend­ed is published in the European Patent Bulletin

(ii) Extension of 3 months by paying a surcharge (see section 9)

R. 12 and 14 RegEPC


(a) Special fee payable?

(b) If so, when due?


(a)(i) TRY 4 640* for publi­cation of a translation of the patent specification or

TRY 1 935* for publication of the trans­lation of an amended patent specification (opposi­tion, limitation)

(ii) TR 2 625*

(b)(i) Within period pursuant to section 4(i)

(ii) Within period pursuant to section 4(i); the fees payable pursuant to points (a)(i) and (ii) respectively must be paid together (see section 9)

Fees 2022


(a) Must a form be used?

(b) No. of copies to be filed


(a) Yes

(b) 1


Manner and form in which the translation is made available to the public


Mention of the filing of the translation in the "Resmi Patent Bülteni"

Inspection in the reading room

Copies available

R. 13 RegEPC


Correction of translation

(a) permitted?

(b) Special fee payable?


(a) Yes

(b) Publication of a corrected translation of the patent specification: TRY 1 470*

Publication of the translation of an amended patent specification (opposition, limitation): TRY 1 935*

R. 14 and 16 RegEPC
Fees 2022


Special features


The following data must be provided with the translation:

- EP application and publication numbers,

- EP application and publication dates,

- number and date of the European Patent Bulletin in which the grant was mentioned,

- names and addresses of applicant(s) and inventor(s),

- the title of the invention,

- the name and address of the representative,

- the IPC,

- a signed declaration stating that the translation corresponds to the original text,

- the abstract,

- drawing and priority data, if applicable.

The option of filing the translation during the three-month extension is available only if the fee for publication and the surcharge have been paid in advance, within the initial period of three months from the mention of grant.

R. 12 and 14 RegEPC

* All fees are revised annually on 1 January.

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