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1. Transfer of rights by transaction (e.g. sale, merger, transfer of title) or by operation of law (e.g. succession, insolvency, compulsory execution)

2. Licences and other rights


Which supporting documents must be filed?

Written request accompanied by original or duly certified copy of the official document recording the transfer of rights; proof that the fee has been paid

Art. 44, 45 and 48 PL
Art. 4 and 5 Rules

as under 1.

Art. 46 to 48 PL
Art. 6 to 9 Rules


Must a national professional representative be appointed?

Yes, foreign natural and legal persons not resident or having no seat in the Republic of Serbia must be represented by a representative listed in the competent authority's "Register of Representatives" or by a domestic attorney.

Art. 5(1) PL

Yes, as under 1.

Art. 5(1) PL


Must a form be used?

No, see section 7



Special fee payable?


Tar. No. 125(1) Fees Law


Tar. No. 125(1) Fees Law


Entries and data recorded in the register

Entry in the register of transfers of rights has declaratory effect vis-à-vis third parties.

Art. 44(3) PL

Registration of licence contractors has declaratory effect vis-à-vis third parties.

The pledgee acquires possessory lien upon entry in the register.

Art. 46(5), 47(7) PL


Is a transfer registered by the EPO during the opposition period or opposition proceedings recognised?




Special features

The written request must include in particular:

- the registration number of the patent or petty patent or patent or petty patent application;

- data on the right holder or applicant; and

- a statement setting out that registration is sought for a transfer of the patent or petty patent or of the rights arising from the application or specifying the other rights to be registered.

Art. 48 PL


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