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Under Article 141 EPC, "national" renewal fees in respect of a European patent may be imposed for the years which follow that in which the mention of the grant of the European patent is published in the "European Patent Bulletin". If a renewal fee becomes due shortly before such publication, it is still to be paid to the EPO. The mention of grant will in this case not be published until the renewal fee has been paid. Further information on the calculation of the patent years for which "national" renewal fees are to be paid is published in Official Journal 6/1984, p. 272 f.

The following table indicates the most important national provisions and requirements to be observed when paying "national renewal fees" in respect of European patents. It takes no account of national provisions concerning reductions in renewal fees in connection with licences of right, or of any stipulations applying to the possibilities of extending or deferring payment.

Irrespective of the information given in section 3 of the following table, the minimum period referred to in Article 141(2) EPC is decisive for all contracting states, i.e. "national" renewal fees in respect of a European patent falling due within two months of the publication of the mention of the grant of the European patent are deemed to have been validly paid if they are paid within that period. Any additional fee provided for under national law will not be charged.

Attention is particularly drawn to the fact that the fees given in sections 1 and 3 are frequently subject to change in various contracting states. The EPO can therefore accept no responsibility for the validity of those figures. As in the past, however, it will endeavour to report such changes as soon as possible in the Official Journal.

The table below also shows what provisions of national law govern the payment of renewal fees for extended or validated European patents in the extension and validation states.


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