Validation state


Legal basis for levying renewal fees


Art. 50.5, 82 Law No. 17-97


Amount of fees

(plus any charges levied by banks)


Year MAD Year MAD
1st   11th 7 200
2nd 1 200 12th 7 200
3rd 1 200 13th 7 200
4th 1 200 14th 7 200
5th 1 200 15th 7 200
6th 1 920 16th 10 000
7th 2 400 17th 12 000
8th 2 880 18th 12 000
9th 3 360 19th 12 000
10th 4 800 20th 12 000

A reduction is available for certain proprietor categories.

Dec. No.  9/2017


(a) Due date (in the patent year concerned)

(b) Time limit for payment (without surcharge)*

(c) Earliest possible date for payment


(a) Anniversary of date of filing

(b) n/a

(c) Payment may not be made more than 12 months before due date.

Art. 82 Law No. 17-97


Period of grace for payment of fees (with surcharge)

(a) duration

(b) surcharge


(a) 6 months from due date

(b) 25% per month late started, and no less than MAD 240

Art. 82 Law No. 17-97
Dec. No.  9/2017


Communication of a reminder in cases of non-payment

(a) provided for?

(b) date of despatch


(a) Yes

(b) Within 2 months after the due date

If no reminder is sent, OMPIC is not liable, nor can this be a ground for restoring the proprietor's rights.

Art. 82 Law No. 17-97


Restitutio in integrum

(a) provided for?

(b) time limit for submitting application


(a) Yes

(b) The proprietor has a choice of two:

(i) 3 months as from date of notification of decision that patent has lapsed,


(ii) 2 months after removal of obstacle, but no later than one year from expiry of 6-month period following due date of renewal fee in question.

Art. 84, 14.4 Law No. 17-97


Appointment of a national professional representative for

(a) payment of fees

(b) communication of a reminder of non-payment

(c) proceedings in respect of restitutio in integrum


(a) Yes

(b) Yes

(c) Yes

Applicants with neither a residence nor a place of business in Morocco must appoint a professional representative authorised to act before OMPIC.

Art. 4 Law No. 17-97


Information regarding lapse of patent in cases of non-payment of renewal fees


Entry in the patent register

Art. 83, 84 Law No. 17-97

* For first renewal fee to be paid, see Art. 141(2) EPC.

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