Contracting state


Contracting state



Period for retroactive payment of renewal fees which would have become due during the period between revocation of the patent and re-opening of the proceedings before the boards of appeal

3 months


Art. 157 and 184 NPL


Beginning of period / due date

From publication of the Enlarged Board's decision in the Boletín Oficial de la Propiedad Industrial


Law 39/2015, Common Administrative Procedure Act


Payment of fees with surcharge

(a) duration

(b) surcharge

(a) 6 months from expiry of the time limit in Table VI.A, section 2(b)

(b) 25% if paid within 3 months, 50% if paid within 6 months of due date

(a) and (b) After expiry of the period of grace renewal may still be secured by paying, before the due date for the next renewal fee, the fee with a 50% surcharge and an additional fee of EUR 100


Art. 157 and 184 NPL


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