Contracting state


Contracting state



Period for retroactive payment of renewal fees which would have become due during the period between revocation of the patent and re-opening of the proceedings before the boards of appeal

3 months


Art. 18a, 11(1) Pres. Decr. No. 77/88


Beginning of period / due date

From publication in the European Patent Bulletin of the decision setting aside the patent revoca­tion to the last day of the 3‑month period.


Art. 18a, 11(1) Pres. Decr. No. 77/88


Payment of fees with surcharge

(a) duration

(b) surcharge

Surcharge 50%


Art. 18a, 11(1) Pres. Decr. No. 77/88
Art. 2(10)(g), 24 Law No. 1733/87


Special features

The fees are paid according to the current list of fees


Art. 18a, 11(1) Pres. Decr. No. 77/1988
Art. 2(10)(g), 24 Law No. 1733/87

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