Contracting state



Basis for conversion


Deemed withdrawal pursuant to Art. 77(3) EPC

Deemed withdrawal pursuant to Art. 90(3) EPC because the translation in the language of the proceedings was not filed in time (2 months from the filing date)

Art. 23(10)(f) Law No. 1733/87
Art. 20 Pres. Decr. No. 77/88


Procedural steps to be taken


(a) Payment of the filing fee (EUR 50)

(b) Filing, in duplicate, of a Greek translation of the patent application

Art. 21(1), (2) Pres. Decr. No. 77/88
Dec. of 31.8.2016


Time limit for taking procedural steps referred to in section 2


(a) Proof of payment must be submitted together with the request for conversion within 3 months of the date on which the EPO has notified the applicant that the application is deemed to be with­drawn.

(b) 4 months after receipt by OBI of the request for conversion

Art. 21(1), (2) Pres. Decr. No. 77/88


Must a national professional representative be appointed?


The procedural steps referred to in section 2 must be taken by the applicant or by a Greek legal practitioner.

Art. 19 Pres. Decr. No. 77/88


Special features


The request for conversion is entered in the Register Book, Volume A "National applications".

Art. 21(3) Pres. Decr. No. 77/88

In the cases indicated in section 1, the EP patent application may also be converted into a national application for a utility model.

Art. 21 Pres. Decr. No. 77/88
Art. 19(6) Law No. 1733/87

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