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RD (Fees)



Bank details


Office de la Propriété Intellectuelle (OPRI) auprès
du Service public fédéral
Économie, PME, Classes moyennes et Énergie
Rue du Progrès, 50

BPost SA
Centre Monnaie

IBAN: BE61 6792 0058 8017



Methods of payment


- payment or transfer to OPRI's account

- debit from a deposit account with the OPRI

- on-the-spot electronic payment by debit card

Where represented before the OPRI:

- any person can pay renewal fees

- for other fees, natural or legal persons having neither their residence nor their actual place of business in a member state of the EEA need not be represented for the purposes of paying fees in OPRI proceedings.

Art. XI.62 ELC
Art. 4 RD (Fees)


Date considered as the effective payment date


Payment is considered to have been made:

1. on the date it is credited to the OPRI's account if it is made by transfer or electronically

2. on the date of the OPRI's receipt of the request to debit the fee amount, provided sufficient funds are available

3. on the date additional funds sufficient to cover the fee are credited to the OPRI's account if funds available when debiting within the meaning of point 2 above was requested were insufficient.

If the due date of a fee or surcharge falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it will be deferred to the next working day.

Art. 6, 7, 9, 11 RD (Fees)

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