Former extension state

Slovenia (The extension system continues to apply to European and international patent applications filed before 1 December 2002.)


National provisions


Art. 9, 109, 110 IPA
Fees Decr.



Bank details


Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for public payments

Banka Slovenije
Slovenska 35

Account No. 01100-1000307004

IBAN: SI56 0110 0100 0307 004



Methods of payment


(a) Postal money order

(b) Payment or transfer to account

(c) Cash or non-cash payment at SIPO - cost of non-cash payment to be borne by payer


Date considered as the effective payment date


The date on which the required amount is actually entered in the account indicated in section 2 or date of payment in cash at SIPO.

Where the fee is paid to the SIPO account, the date of payment shall be con­sidered to be the date of the payment order, provided that the amount of the payment is entered in the account in five working days. Failing that, the date of payment shall be considered to be the date on which the amount of the payment is actually entered in the account.

Art. 4 Fees Decr.

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