How and where to file the request for unitary effect

The request for unitary effect should preferably be filed online as this is more convenient. Not only is it reliable, efficient and quick, it also has the advantage of reducing the clerical and administrative work involved. The EPO offers three ways of requesting a Unitary Patent online: Online Filing (eOLF), new online filing (CMS) and web-form filing. All of them are free of charge and have numerous features and benefits. Detailed descriptions of the various options and guidance on which one to choose can be found on the EPO's website, as can information about the EPO's other online services, such as Online Fee Payment, European Publication Server, My Files, Secure File Inspection and the Mailbox service, and the advantages of using them.
You can also file your request for unitary effect in person, by postal services or by fax. In these cases, it is strongly recommended that you use Form 7000, reading the explanatory notes carefully before completing it. Duly completing Form 7000 will ensure that you provide all the information required for a valid request. Requests can be filed with the EPO at its headquarters (Isar) and PschorrHöfe buildings in Munich, its branch at The Hague and its Berlin sub-office, but not at its sub-offices in Vienna and Brussels. The EPO's addresses can be found on the EPO's website. Requests cannot be filed with the central industrial property office or competent authority of an EPC contracting state (see Rule 6(1) UPR).

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